Hoochie Koo Time: The Golden Showers

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Coco & Razi

Coco with me and with Melanie from the Burning Brides

Coco (Nicole) has joined Electrocute

Burning Brides Out of the Coffin

Golden Showers links

Golden Showers at Reptilian Records
live review The Golden Showers (German) with pictures
Golden showers tour with Ex-Girl (Japanese) with pictures
Reptilian Records
DM Bob & the Deficits at Crypt
The Revenge of the Space Dolls (German) with Razi's band Pocket Rocket
Cobra Killer with Pocket Rocket with Razi in Pocket Rocket
Motormania with Razi's band Pocket Rocket
Spank Kings (German) live review of Chris's band
Razi's band Stereo Total
Coco Morier @ myspace
Nicole Morier @ myspace
Coco Morier @ facebook

Boy from Brazil links

official page Boy From Brazil
live review Boy from Brazil (German)

Electrocute links

official page ELECTROCUTE
Electrocute @ myspace
Electrocute @ facebook
Emperor Norton page electrocute with sounds and pics
Rykodisc page Electrocute
gallery @ Toulouse, France May 9, 2008
Interview by Lucy Hell with photos
gallery @ Guadalajara June 17, 2007
gallery @ Los Angeles April, 20, 2007
gallery @ Beauty Bar February 10, 2007
gallery @ South By Southwest 2005
Hangibar gallery Electrocute May 2005
gallery @ Rickshaw Stop April 1, 2005
Every Day I Live gallery Electrocute
Phillip Ritchie gallery Electrocute two girls
gallery @ Cambridge MA October 6, 2003
gallery @ Berlin August13, 2003
intimate Electrocute gallery STUTTER
interview naughty bubblegum
gallery Electrocute thrash the jackpot!
Electorcute and others THIRD WAVE DISCO
Electrocute und Boy from Brazil (German)
Elektro Cute, Boy from Brazil at Kaffee Burger (German)

Drags links

The Drags!!
The Drags at Estrus
The Drags Make Room interview
The Drags at Grunnen Rocks
The Pits pictures with Boy from Brazil and Drags pictures

My other Band Pages

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