The Stomping Grounds of
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stomping horse
I wish I had a glass ceiling
so that I could see a UFO

Click on right photo
to watch planes explode + star
@ Black Cat DC Febuary 12, 2001
At the Velvet Lounge
January 21, 2001

Thrashing at the Black Cat in DC

Pet the Bunnies.

more at the Velvet lounge

Stacey with me members her other band the Meat Joy

Meet the Meat Joy via photo on left

It took me higher Up the mountain I found an answer in Colorado

Stacey with Thorazine

Stacey with Nancy of the Ubangis (click for more)

Stacey's band The Meat Joy I am the Queen of Sheeba

Nancy's band The Ubangis Jungles of Jupiter

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